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Branch 270 Coldwater first received its Charter in January of 1935.  You may read about the various steps in the development of the branch under Our History on this site.  Today, the Coldwater Branch has a membership of 258 Ordinary, Associate, Affiliate, and Life Members, as well as a Ladies' Auxiliary consisting of 32 members.  Although the team that keeps the branch running smoothly throughout the year includes dozens of dedicated volunteers, a small group of members coordinates the branch's projects and activities from day-to-day.  Here are the members of the 2022 Branch Executive and Committee Chairpersons:  

Branch Elected Executive  

President: Wayne Tutt

Immediate Past President: Normand Marion

1st Vice-President: TBD

2nd Vice-President: Marg Murphy

Member: Rick Morse

Member: Cheryll Barr

Member: Randy Rice


Committee Chairs

Secretary-Treasurer: Rick Morse

Bar Officer: Marg Murphy

Building Manager: Kari Malmstrom

Sports: Bruce Backus

Sick & Visiting: Betty-Anne Burnie

Membership: Cheryll Barr

Veterans Service Officer: Randy Rice

Poppy: Wayne Tutt

Youth Education: Cheryll Barr

Entertainment/Ways & Means: TBD

Public Relations & Historian: Norm Marion

Sergeant-at-Arms: Rick Morse

Bursary: Rick Morse

Leadership Development: Norm Marion

Elected Executive group 2022.jpg
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