On August 20, 2020, a small group of representatives of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 270 Coldwater went to Severn Timber Mart, in Coldwater, to surprise the owner, Heather Mallard, with a Legion Friendship Award. A local family-owned business, Severn Timber Mart has been, and continues to be one of the top supporters of the Coldwater Legion's activities. Over the past several years, Severn Timber Mart has made various donations to our projects to make life at Branch 270 better. Yet in the past two years, they have gone above and beyond what could be expected in a small community like Coldwater. In addition to making significant contributions to the annual Poppy Campaign and other special pr


Who would have thought that a Bottle Drive to raise money to cover our roof repairs would lead to a string of fundraising initiatives and donations from the community. Thank you to April Dawn, a local photographer, who raised for us $1,530 by raffling some of her beautiful photographs. And thank you to Heather and Michael Cory who sponsored the prints for the raffle. And what about Judy Larmand from Royal Lepage, who ran two "Grand-in-your-Hand" draws and raised $2,000 for the Coldwater Legion. More recently, a straight donation of $2,000 came in from the Coldwater Foodland. Thank you so much! And of course, thank you to all who stopped by to drop off a handful or a car load of bottles

Meet the Navy Lady

On July 30, 2020, a number of executives from Royal Canadian Legion Branch 270 Coldwater gathered at the Cenotaph to take part in the unveiling of a plaque by the flower bed where a special rose bush was transplanted last year. The plaque, donated by Township of Severn Councillor Judith Cox, explains the significance of the rose bush. "I was contacted by Coldwater Branch member George Collins about maybe getting some plaque done to tell the story of those roses," Judith said. "I told George I'd get something done." And she did. On her own. Indeed, the story of that rose bush deserves to be told. As members of the Legion move on, information doesn't always get passed on, and few of the

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