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Each year Remembrance Day brings back thoughts of war, suffering, and perhaps humility in the realization of the incomprehensible scale of pain and destruction that November 11, 1918, brought to an end. Even though the general idea behind commemorating the 1918 Armistice through Remembrance Day remains, the thoughts and actions inspired by that day vary greatly among people.

Mayor Mike Burkett lays a wreath on behalf of the Township of Severn during the annual Remembrance Day Ceremony held on November 11 at the Coldwater Cenotaph (Photo by Wanda Beaudoin)

For many, "Remembering" means taking part in a ceremony, and perhaps laying a wreath for a long gone parent, relative or friend. For others, it's about taking the time to sit and chat with a Second World War or Korea Veteran and listen to their stories as they recall events that changed their lives forever. For many others, the relationship with a Veteran is much closer, both in time and space, with a whole new generation of Veterans of peacekeeping, peacemaking, and combat operations in theaters of war like Afghanistan.

A whole century has passed since the first Canadian contingent landed in Europe to march into what became known as "The Great War". By the end of that First World War, more than 66,000 Canadian soldiers – one for every ten that enlisted - were left on the battlefield. There would be 46,000 more in the Second World War, 500 in Korea, and 1,800 more in various operations around the world.

On Remembrance Day, we honour the more than 115,000 Canadian soldiers, sailors and air force personnel who gave their lives in the service of our country. And in Coldwater, we pay a special tribute to those from the area who were killed in action during the two World Wars:

Leatherdale, Arnot, Oct 2, 1916, the Somme, France

Williamson, Hilton, Oct 9, 1916, the Somme, France

Brush, Frank, Nov 9, 1916, the Somme, France

Durnford, Andrew, April 9, 1917, Vimy Ridge, France

Maracle, George, April 12, 1917, Vimy Ridge, France

Woods, George, May 3, 1917, Bethune, France

Wyley, Thomas, May 20, 1917, Bethune, France

McKerral, Charles, July 23, 1917, Bethune, France

Orr, Charles, Aug 19, 1917, Arras, France

Langley, James, Aug 29, 1917, Arras, France

Wheatley, James, Oct 29, 1917, Passchendaele, Belgium

Beach, George, Nov 6, 1917, Ypres Salient, Belgium

Newlove, William, Aug 27, 1918, Cambrai, France

Caswell, William, Sept 30, 1918, Cambrai, France

Arthur, James, May 17, 1943, Hamm, Germany

Lovering, Mervyn, July 29, 1944, Stuttgart, Germany

Jennett, Lloyd, Oct 21, 1944, Antwerp, Netherlands

Dunn, William, Feb 11, 1945, Antwerp, Netherlands

We Will Remember Them.

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