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It would be a travesty to not address our Vimy Branch event on April 9th. Canada became a nation in 1867 and Vimy put Canada on the global map but it is events such as that of April 9th, 2017 which etch Coldwater, specifically Branch 270 in our hearts.

One cannot begin to thank those Comrades who singularly and collectively united to showcase our tour de force on Sunday April 9th. This solemn celebration commemorating acts of sacrifice one hundred years ago was also a joyous occasion. Because of our valiant past, we are able to partake and enjoy today’s freedoms and liberties as witnessed by this particular afternoon.

To single out and thank any Comrade would risk a possible and inadvertent oversight of name. Suffice it to write that we have proven what motivates our Branch is not the bottom line (although this is crucial); it is the milieu our bricks and mortar provide to house activities to be enjoyed by all Comrades and our community.

Everyone was in their Sunday best or in uniform. No one sat alone; everyone had company (as they should) and the overheard topics of conversation were uplifting to the soul. The entertainment was most a propos. Music reflecting the war years and then there were more au courant selections. A glance around the Club Room showed that just about everyone was mouthing the words to the various tunes. Funny, out our age, we can’t remember where we placed our car keys, yet we all remembered the words to songs at least fifty years old!

Simple yet elegant touches such as the tablecloth, and the single flower plus the tent cards offering well-researched brief biographies of our past sons set the tone for the afternoon which was complimented by perfectly cleaned plates returning to the kitchen.

There exists no reason for any complaint – none whatsoever.

We take our hats off when we enter any Branch of a Legion in deference to and in respect of our Veterans. In addition to this, let’s take our hat off in recognition of and to thank ourselves for making and taking the time to show our support for our Branch. We did a fine job!

You came; we enjoyed the afternoon. Now let’s do it all again, soon.

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