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Yes, Happy Birthday Canada!! And not just any birthday: the 150th! It was certainly worth celebrating, and the Coldwater community came through with flying colours – literally. On Saturday July 1st, the village opened its streets to hundreds of visitors, many dressed in red & white. Even some of the trees on the main street had been "yarn-bombed" in red & white. The street was closed to traffic for the afternoon to yield space for bouncing castles and dinner tables (dinner tickets sold out). Everyone had a wonderful time. And, of course, members of the Coldwater Legion were a big part of it, coordinating the opening ceremony at the Cenotaph, operating "The Big Tent" in our parking lot throughout the day and evening, and leading the parade through a cheering Coldwater crowd. This was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work and commitment. THANK YOU ALL WHO VOLUNTEERED AND HELPED IN ANY WAY!!

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