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We missed it for the past two years, but this year our St. Patrick's Day celebration was back on. On Thursday March 17, dozens of members of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 270 Coldwater organized and took part in Coldwater's annual St. Patrick's Day parade. They were joined by an enthusiastic crowd of local residents to march on the main street in Coldwater. Many carried on afterwards inside the Legion's Club Room to celebrate in a definitely Irish-for-the-day environment with appropriate live music entertainment by Bruce Naismith. Thank you to all who participated and/or helped with the celebrations, and congratulations to this year's King and Queen, Al Myre and Henny Risebrough.


1- Entertainer Bruce Naismith provided live music entertainment in the club room at the Coldwater Legion. (Photo by Norm Marion)

2- Left-to-right: branch 2nd Vice-President Carol Baird; branch 1st Vice-President Wayne Tutt; and branch member Alex Fabian., who is getting his door prize ticket from Wayne. (Photo by Norm Marion)

3- Branch member John O'Hara kept the marchers on beat for the parade. (Photo by Norm Marion)

4- Left-to-right: Kathy Barron; Michele Russell; and Grace Mahoney helped prepare the Club Room for the St. Patrick's Day party. (Photo by Carol Baird)

5- This year's King and Queen, Al Myre and Henny Risebrough. (Photo by Norm Marion)

6- Our local elected officials were on hand to take part in Coldwater's (quite unofficial) St. Patrick's Day parade. Left-to-right: Severn Township Mayor Mike Burkett; MPP for Simcoe North, Jill Dunlop; Ward 2 Councillor Judith Cox; and Severn Township Deputy Mayor Jane Dunlop. (Photo by Norm Marion)

7- Branch member Judith Cox proudly flies the Branch banner. (Photo by Norm Marion)

8- Three of our many flag bearers, branch members Dave Kavanaugh (left, waving), Kari Malmstrom, and Gaëtanne Robinson. (Photo by Norm Marion)

9- The three pipers leading the parade, left-to-right: Susan Smith; Sandra Hyde; and Brenda Remy. (Photo by Norm Marion)

10- The Coldwater Legion (quite unofficial) banner is carried by Dianne Sauve (left) and Grace Mahoney. (Photo by Norm Marion)

11- The pipers leading the parade in front of the library, left-to-right: Brenda Remy; Sandra Hyde; and Susan Smith. (Photo by Norm Marion)

12- The parade coming down Coldwater Road, downtown Coldwater. (Photo by Norm Marion)


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