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Dean McArthur on parade with the Coldwater Legion, Remembrance Day 2016

Born in 1965, Dean is one of four children. At age 18, Dean was one of 52 persons who took advantage of the Youth Training and Employment Program (YTEP). By the end of the first year, 50% chose another career path. Dean opted for the Land section which offered the most opportunity to travel in a non-threatening role. Dean was chosen to serve in the Special Service Force which allowed him to travel throughout Canada, the Arctic, Central Europe, and Scandinavia and participate with the Ten Mountain Division (U.S.A.).

At times, the troops were offered the opportunity to live off barracks and as such, many took advantage of enjoying the local cuisine and culture.

While their United Nations deployment assignments were non-combat, they did encounter local nuisance difficulties protecting local granaries or with providing security services during the rebuilding of a hospital. As Dean recalls, ‘they just wanted to see our reaction and track whatever information they could about us’.

During a particular live fire exercise, Dean did administer first-aid. Dean is the recipient of two United Nations tour medals for service in Cyprus and Bosnia.

Corporal Dean (an infantryman) has no complaints about his job in the military. “The food and living accommodations were fine and even our IMPs (Individual Meal Packages) offered opportunities for the development of an entrepreneurial spirit.’

After 20+ years in the military, and with diminished Federal financial support for the military, Dean chose to leave the military and pursue civilian life relocating to Ontario to work in local industry.

Our Veteran Dean reminisced about keeping in touch with family, ‘in those days, via ham-radio and by letters. Those Care Packages were always welcome.’’

No interview would be complete without taking the opportunity of bringing this meeting home to Branch 270.

Dean’s wish list: more consistent transparency. Comrade Dean is proud that our Branch is an integral part of the Coldwater fabric and most excited to start Chapter 5 in his life…and you have the 270 Family to support you. We thank you for your service.

A younger Dean McArthur with his UN armoured personnel carrier in Bosnia

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