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On Tuesday August 29, 2017, a special event labelled the "No Reason Whatsoever Luncheon" took place in the club room at Branch 270 Coldwater. The event was an opportunity for ladies (members and non-members) to visit our Branch, order lunch from our canteen and enjoy refreshment served by our friendly Bar Steward. In addition to a savoury lasagna lunch special prepared by our canteen operator, Michele Russell, games of shuffleboard, pool, and darts were set-up for after the lunch, with lady coaches available to teach the games to guests. A Community Dessert Table was also set-up in the sports room for anyone who wished to satisfy their sweet tooth, and various prizes, donated for the most part by members, were drawn after lunch. A big Thank You must go to Comrade Rosalie Pratt for organizing this wonderful event, which was entirely her own initiative. THANK YOU Rosalie!!

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