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Yes, after more than a year of operating under a Board of Management, the Coldwater Branch held an interim election on January 24 during which three Executive Members, two Vice-Presidents, and a President were elected by the membership. Congratulations to Comrades Annie McArthur, Wayne Tutt, and Maggie Murphy, who were elected as members of the Executive; to Comrades Norm Marion and Garry Lovelace, 1st and 2nd Vice-Presidents; and to Comrade Betty-Jean Murray, our new President. The team will form the core of the new Executive and, with the help of several other appointees as chairpersons of committees, will run the business and activities of the branch for the next four months. Another election will be held in May so that we can return to a regular June-to-May annual cycle of elections. Again, congratulations to the newly elected, and thank you to all who took part in the election including the Election Chairman, Comrade Frank Beasley (Commander Zone E4), our independent scrutineers, Comrades Paul Howe (Deputy Commander Zone E4) and Dave Sampson (President Penetanguishene Branch), and Comrade Sharon McKeown, Ontario Command President, who had the pleasure of installing her sister Betty-Jean Murray as our new interim President. Thank you all.

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