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Comrades, we have a new president! On Wednesday May 22, 2019, during the May General Meeting, the Coldwater Branch held its annual elections for a president, two vice-presidents, and three executive members. Congratulations go to Comrades Annie McArthur, Randy Rice, and Maggie Murphy, who were re-elected as members of the Executive; to Comrades Wayne Tutt and Carol Baird, respectively 1st and 2nd Vice-Presidents; and to Comrade Norm Marion, our newly acclaimed President. With the help of several other appointees as chairpersons of committees, the team will form the core of the new Executive and will run the business and activities of the branch for the next year. As we welcome the new Executive, we must thank those who carried the torch for the past year: the committee chairpersons and their committee members, the volunteers, all those who supported the branch activities in any way, and certainly our Comrade Betty-Jean Murray, who now moves to the role of Immediate Past President. Thank you all, and once again, congratulations to the newly elected!

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