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Comrade Wayne Tutt enjoying the outdoors at the family ranch in Nokomis, Saskatchewan.

Just about 60 years ago, Comrade Wayne’s pet dog followed him to kindergarten. Since that time, it has been a steady learning and sharing curve for our First Vice-President, and Membership Chairperson. Not much has changed expect that he has grown older. His early leadership qualities are attributed to his role models early in life; namely his father and a series of good officers while he participated as a sea cadet for five years.

Comrade Wayne saw his world beyond his immediate horizon. The lure of sea travel, adventure, excitement was great but so was his knowledge that family life required two participating partners and that long absences could make this reality difficult. The next best thing was to ‘serve’ country and community in some other manner. Comrade Wayne excelled in the completion of his police officer entrance exam but a health concern precluded the pursuance of this avenue.

But, there was a silver lining…in 1974 he met the love of his life. Carol has been his wife for the past four plus decades and has supported all his endeavours. In 1984 Carol urged our Comrade to apply for a job in the construction industry, and unbeknown to either of them, this was to be his career path for the next thirty years. Comrade Wayne did share a few remarks about his first job with the Canadian National Railway – he worked steady midnights and his weekends were Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Comrade Wayne is appreciative and proud of the trust bestowed upon him by our members to aid and support our Branch President and other members of the Executive Team. He shared that his acceptance of such positions is a privilege and honour - to serve our Veterans and our members. His philosophy is live honestly, lead by example, and rest assured, if he asks for your assistance, he is willing to do what he asks of you.

Retired for the past five years, Comrade Wayne has had ample opportunity to reflect on life issues. They appear simple yet they carry weight. In a perfect world, there would be no poverty or need for any nation to have an armed forces (his brother is a Veteran). Were he granted magical powers, there would be no childhood mortality. Today, Comrade Wayne is thankful for the love and support of his wife, family and enjoys fishing with his son and grandson.

His daily routines are simple enough… (try) to get Carol off and running to work on time; then tackle the proverbial ‘honey-do’ list followed by volunteer work at our Branch which generally entails about twenty hours per week.

Our Comrade’s adult highlights are becoming a parent in his twenties and developing successful work projects in his forties. Now a ‘Zoomer’, Comrade Wayne is cognizant that his mind may be willing but the body demands mandatory rest periods which mandates him to enjoy the annual family cruise to the Caribbean.

Our First Vice-President was asked to define a successful life. He shared the following: the love and support of my wife, my family and knowing that when I meet people, there is a friendly greeting. Comrade Wayne did share that in hindsight, he wishes that he would have had the foresight of realizing the strength of his pillar of support – his wife; to have known then what he knows now, a naval career could have been an option.

Comrade Wayne is very proud to be part of the Executive Team and of the fact that our Branch is now known to be the Branch with high standards of comportment, along with increased activities. Our Branch can be emulated – we (our volunteers) have set the standards-bar well above-average.

Comrade Wayne, we thank you for your leadership and volunteer services.

PHOTO CAPTION: Comrade Wayne Tutt enjoying the outdoors at the family ranch in Nokomis, Saskatchewan.

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