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On Sunday September 17, 2023, Branch 270 Coldwater marked Battle of Britain Sunday by laying a wreath at the Coldwater Cenotaph. Branch President Comrade Anne McArthur (with wreath), escorted by Branch Sergeant-at-Arms Debbie Southorn, laid a wreath to honour those who served in the Second World War Battle of Britain. Branch members Penny Lawrence-Judges and Kari Malmstrom can be seen in the background attending the brief ceremony.

Fought between July and October 1940, the Battle of Britain is widely recognized as the greatest air battle of all times and the turning point of the Second World War. It was during that battle that a few hundred aircrew from Commonwealth and Allied countries turned the tide on Hitler's plans for the invasion of Great Britain. The battle is especially significant for our Royal Canadian Air Force heritage since it was during that battle that the RCAF received its baptism by fire. Throughout that period, more than one hundred Canadian fighter pilots served with various units of the Royal Air Force, and with one Canadian unit, No 1 Fighter Squadron (RCAF).


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