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This year's Legion Week wrapped-up with members of the branch "showing the flag" at the Coldwater Fall Fair. Thank you to all branch and Ladies’ Auxiliary members who took part in the activities around Legion Week and the Fall Fair this year. Well done!

Legion Week opened-up on Sunday September 17 with a BBQ & corn roast with musical entertainment, and closed on the following Saturday with more entertainment and, of course, the Fall Fair! A new Remembrance component was added to our Legion Week this year with the placing of crosses and flags on the graves of local Veterans at the Coldwater Cemetery. Crosses stood there for the duration of the week and the community were invited to pay a visit to their relatives' graves during the week.

The branch was well represented at the Fair with our Colour Party leading the parade on opening day. Thank you to Comrades Bob Gourlie, John O'Hara, Adam Sauvé, Penny Lawrence-Judges, Norm Marion, and Debbie Southorn, who marched with the Colour Party.

As in previous years, volunteers from the Ladies' Auxiliary cooked and served up a wonderful Fall Fair Breakfast on Saturday September 23. Thank you, Ladies. It was excellent, and the event was a tremendous success.

And once again this year, an information booth was set up by our Branch along the displays inside the arena. Thank you to Comrades Penny Lawrence-Judges, Anne McArthur, Norm Marion, Kari Malmstrom, John O'Hara and Ladies' Auxiliary President, Donna Packer for their contribution to setting-up and manning the booth. Dozens of enthusiastic members of the community stopped by to enquire about the Legion and various aspects of Veterans programs and Remembrance activities.

Branch 2nd Vice-President Kari Malmstrom salutes the grave of a local Veteran on which a cross and Canadian flag were placed earlier by volunteers from the Coldwater Branch.

The Coldwater Branch Colour Party leads the Fall Fair parade on opening day of the fair. Members of the Colour Party were Comrades Bob Gourlie, John O'Hara, Adam Sauvé, Penny Lawrence-Judges, Norm Marion, and Debbie Southorn.

At a Coldwater Legion booth set-up inside the Community Centre for the Coldwater Fall Fair, Branch members Kari Malmstrom (center) and John O'Hara (right) chat with member of the community Karen Way.

Branch members Yvonne Sauvé (left) and Debbie Southorn put together fall displays at the doors of the Coldwater Legion to highlight the Fall Fair theme in the village.


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