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By Comrade Rosalie J. Pratt [From a Sept 2020 interview]

The early 1980’s economic downturn necessitated our Comrade Tim Beaudoin to look for a new career. As an auto mechanic and machinist he knew he wanted to continue in this field of work. A look-see at the Canadian Air Force brochure led to a new opportunity as an Aircraft Aero Engine Technician. Insight into military life was enhanced with two siblings already in service to our country.

Comrade Tim shares that his time in Basic Training was more than performing tasks in double-time. It is here that you learn to work as an integral part of a puzzle. If one piece is missing the picture is incomplete. It is imperative that every person learns to work as part of a team, and that the team works as a unit of one.

In Cold Lake, Alberta, Comrade Tim was initially posted to F404 – an American afterburning turbofan engine (F18 Hornet) engine bay where they completely disassembled, reassembled, repaired and test ran engines which required major repair, rework or inspection. From this posting he moved to 441TFS (Tactical Fighter Squadron) where he worked as a Crew Supervisor in a front-line fighter environment. The opportunities to travel were present as were the various levels of alert status based on world political situations. Master-Corporal Tim also worked as an Instructor at Canadian Forces Base Borden, ending his time there in the Standards Cell responsible for course material and assessing students to ready them for their required Standard of Training.

In 1984, Comrade Tim’s primary military occupational specialty was working as an Aero Engine Technician in the air force. In 1996 a trade amalgamation combined Safety Systems, Air Weapons, Airframe, Instrument Electrical and Aero Engine to form one trade – Aviation Technician, the occupation he enjoyed until retirement.

Our Comrade Tim is recipient of eight commendations for exemplary performance and conduct. He has been presented with the Canadian Forces Decoration for twelve years with a Good Record of Conduct and in 1991 was recognized as Airman of the year. He is proud to share that he was part of a crew that travelled around the world in a Boeing 707 on a humanitarian flight which served as a World Trainer for aircrew and supporting staff.

Now retired, Comrade Tim firmly believes that the strict discipline and training provided by the military equips you to embrace new opportunities when transitioning into civilian life.

Comrade Tim shared the following: "The more you know, the more you don’t know. There is more to a situation than what is immediately apparent – be open-minded as you proceed. When everything is said and done, more is said than done.”

This Veteran’s closing interview comments are profound. We are all Canadians. Having had the opportunity to travel around the world, you appreciate Canada. We are unique in our cultures, traditions, ethnicities, and geographic ways of life. “The Military has provided me a sense of pride in both what I did, and for what I did it for, being a Proud Canadian.”

Comrade Tim Beaudoin, we thank you for your service.

PHOTO caption: Master-Corporal Tim Beaudoin of Coldwater, in his Air Force uniform around 2000.


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