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Branch 270 Ladies' Auxiliary held an Honours & Awards ceremony on Tuesday September 20, 2022, in the Banquet Hall at the branch. Legion Service pins and Past Office Medals were presented to deserving members of the Ladies' Auxiliary. Congratulations to all honours and award recipients! The event also included a scrumptious pot luck dinner.

PHOTO CAPTIONS (Photos by Wanda Beaudoin):

1- Ladies' Auxiliary President Annie McArthur (right) is presented a Past President Medal and Past Office Medal with Treasurer Bar, by 2nd Vice President Dianne Sauvé.

2- Ladies' Auxiliary Executive Member Brenda Yule, was presented her 40 -year Service Pin.

3- Ladies' Auxiliary Sergeant-at-Arms Debbie Southorn (right) is presented a Sergeant-at-Arms Bar to her Past Office Medal by 2nd Vice President Dianne Sauvé.

4- Ladies' Auxiliary 2nd Vice President Dianne Sauvé, was presented her 15-year Service Pin.

5- Ladies' Auxiliary Life Member Alida Turner was presented her 35-year Service Pin.

6- Ladies' Auxiliary Treasurer Gaëtanne Robinson was presented her 20-year Service Pin.

7- Ladies' Auxiliary Treasurer Gaëtanne Robinson (right) is presented a Treasurer Bar to the Past Office Medal by Executive Member Janis Cronin.

8- Ladies' Auxiliary Life Member Grace Mahoney was presented her 40-year Service Pin.

9- Ladies' Auxiliary members Jane Lauder (left) and Cathy Larkins were presented their 5-year Service Pin.

10- Ladies' Auxiliary Executive Member Janis Cronin was presented her 25-year Service Pin.

11- Left to right, Ladies' Auxiliary members Marie Langley, Patti Geroux, and Immediate Past President Donna Packer, were presented their 10-year Service Pin.

12- Ladies' Auxiliary members Michele Russell (left) and Yvonne Sauvé were presented their 30-year Service Pin.


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