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Today, May 8, 2021, representatives of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 270 Coldwater went to the Coldwater Foodland to present the former owners, Larry and Melanie Sauvé, with a Legion Friendship Award.

The Coldwater Foodland, owned and operated by the Sauvé until just a few weeks ago, has been at the heart of the Coldwater community since 1957. For years the Sauvé family have extended the most generous cooperation to our branch and our Ladies Auxiliary. For our monthly Meat Rolls, they would prepare a dozen food packages in the form of a complete meal for a family of four, allowing a very generous discount on each bundle; for our Ladies they were always keeping an eye on pricing of the appropriate food for our Veterans Dinners, or whatever meals the Ladies were about to prepare.

Coldwater Foodland has created for our Ladies Auxiliary a loyalty program in which cash register receipts are collected by members of the branch and redeemed for an appreciable return for each $50,000 worth of receipts.

Coldwater Foodland is always willing to support us with our various in-house events such as advertising any dinners or the Youth Education Posters & Literary Competition; at Remembrance time they clear a space for our members to promote the Poppy Campaign and this past year they watched over our Poppy box to ensure its safety. They have been very supportive of the Legion in both a financial and neighbourly manner.

The Executive of Branch 270 Coldwater felt that, due to the support the owners of the Coldwater Foodland have provided to our branch over the years we should honour them in a manner that befits their deeds – by providing them with a Royal Canadian Legion Friendship Award. We feel this would show our appreciation for the many generous gestures they have made over the past years, and hopefully will continue in the years to follow.


Standing by the Coldwater Foodland for the presentation of the Legion Friendship Award, left to right: Branch Past President Comrade Betty-Jean Murray; Larry and Melanie Sauvé; and Branch President Comrade Norm Marion. (Photo by Wanda Beaudoin)


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