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Volume VIII of Ontario Command's MSRB is complete and a small number of copies have been received at the branch. This volume features 30 individuals related to the Coldwater area, and another dozen of individuals not related to the area, but for whom the submissions were processed through this branch. Work is already in progress for Volume IX for next year, so keep the submissions coming. Submissions can be made year round and will be published in the next available issue. You can read one below about Private Charles Stanley Robinson of Coldwater.


Charles Stanley Robinson was born in Coldwater, Ontario, on December 13, 1891, the son of Ambrose Robinson and Anna Sundeen.On April 16, 1915, he enlisted in the Army with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in Toronto.He was 23 years old and single.He listed his trade as telegraph operator, and had no previous military experience.Private Robinson, regimental number 163, sailed on the S.S. Corinthian to arrive in England, on May 27, 1915.After getting some training in England, he landed in France on January 21, 1916, and was assigned to the Canadian Corps Cyclist Battalion.On October 11, 1916, he suffered a gunshot wound, but returned to duty in December.After the war ended, he was repatriated to Canada and discharged on January 30, 1919.He passed away on November 16, 1987.

PHOTO CAPTION: Private Charles Robinson of Coldwater was assigned to the Canadian Corps Cyclist Battalion during the First World War.


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