We thank all those who participated in our Jammin' at the Legion session on Saturday April 15. We had the chance of listening to George Sinclair on keyboard and guitar; Joe Barron on fiddle and guitar; David Huntley, Clarence Cole, and Doreen McCarron on guitar and vocals, and Paul Racine and Jan McGee, vocals. Thank you all for joining us. Our Jammin' at the Legion sessions run every third Saturday of the month, from 2 to 4 p.m.


It would be a travesty to not address our Vimy Branch event on April 9th. Canada became a nation in 1867 and Vimy put Canada on the global map but it is events such as that of April 9th, 2017 which etch Coldwater, specifically Branch 270 in our hearts. One cannot begin to thank those Comrades who singularly and collectively united to showcase our tour de force on Sunday April 9th. This solemn celebration commemorating acts of sacrifice one hundred years ago was also a joyous occasion. Because of our valiant past, we are able to partake and enjoy today’s freedoms and liberties as witnessed by this particular afternoon. To single out and thank any Comrade would risk a possible and inadverte


Today, April 12, 2017, the Coldwater Legion lowered its flags for the second time this week, this time to honour Private George Maracle of Coldwater, killed in action a century ago today at Vimy Ridge. George Mark Maracle was born on July 10, 1895, the son of Annie and Albert Maracle of Point Anne, a small community near Belleville, Ontario. Along with five "chums" (as described in a 1917 Toronto Star article), he enlisted in Coldwater with the 157th Overseas Battalion (The Simcoe Foresters), Canadian Expeditionary Force, on February 12, 1916. Yet, for reasons unknown, he enlisted under the name George Mark Hill. His and his mother's last name were corrected in his file after his death. Geor


A century after Canadian troops launched their assault on the now famous Vimy Ridge, historians and politicians still debate the strategic value of the operation in the context of the Great War, and its significance within Canada's history. But for the thousands of Canadian soldiers who laid their young lives on the battlefield that fateful day, April 9, 1917, the debate is academic. All that can be done now is ensure that their sacrifice is remembered and their memory honoured. With that in mind, today the Coldwater Legion lowered its flags to commemorate the battle of Vimy Ridge, and to honour a local soldier killed in action a century ago. Today, we remember Private Andrew Durnford of


If you've been paying attention to the news in recent weeks, you're probably aware that Canadians are getting ready to commemorate the centenary of a battle that, according to many, unified the country by giving it a new sense of a national identity. It was a battle in which, for the first time, four Canadian army divisions (more than 100,000 men) fought side by side as a Canadian Corps, and came out victorious. I am, of course, referring to the Battle of Vimy Ridge. At the time of going to print, thousands of high school kids from across the country (some from our area) have started packing for a trip to Vimy Ridge, part of an effort to ensure that the sacrifices made by our soldiers a c


On April 9 this year, Canadians from coast to coast will pause to commemorate the now famous capture of Vimy Ridge by Canadian troops one hundred years ago. In Coldwater, as in so many other towns and villages, the memory of local heroes will be rightfully honoured. But a full century after the event, it may be somewhat challenging to tell which ones, among the dozens of First World War volunteers from one's village, actually fought in the historic battle. Surviving records held at Library and Archives Canada will confirm that this or that individual was part of a certain unit at a certain time, and whether the unit in question did or did not take part in the battle. Generally speaking,

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